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Wipe your feet

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a clockwork orange, aasif mandvi, across the universe, anchorman, anderson cooper, animals, apple cider, art, astronomy, autumn, beck, birds, bliss, blue skies, bonfires, books, boston, bridges in hungary, cameras, canadian mcwristy, clark and michael, clark duke, classic rock, classical music, colorguard, colors, cows, cute, damon albarn, dancing, deep thoughts, demetri martin, dinosaurs, dogs, drawing, dreaming, edward norton, exit 57, fantasy, fields, flaming lips, flowers, friends, funny people, gogol bordello, grass, happiness, harry potter, heartbreak, history, hugs, hypnotoad, i-reporters, indie, inside jokes, jason jones, jeopardy, jew machines, john hodgman, john lennon, john oliver, jon stewart, jon/stephen, jude law, justin long, kissing, laughing, life, listening, little miss sunshine, livejournal userpics, love, ludwig van, making people laugh, mice, minolta, monty python, movies, music, musicians, my bike, nerd whipping, nice people, night time, olivianity, owls, pac-man, painting, palaeontology, pants, peace, pens, phantom of the opera, philosophy, photography, plants, poetry, rain, rainbows, randomness, reading, rich punks on coke, rob corrdry, samantha bee, sexual innuendo, skinny, smart people, spring, stand-up comedy, stephen colbert, steve carell, strangers with candy, summer, sunsets, syd barrett, talking, tea, the beach, the beatles, the colbert report, the daily show, the first snow, the history channel, the moon, the office, the shins, the simpsons, thinking, vegetarian, vivaldi's 4 seasons, walking in the rain, wall-e, warm weather, weightloss, writing